Better patients
at home

Claris Continuum makes it easy for home care agencies to remotely engage, coach and monitor chronic care patients at home.


Monitoring Devices

Our remote patient monitoring devices wirelessly connect via bluetooth to ensure patient vital signs are captured accurately.


Patient Tablet

Our pre-configured 4G tablet displays intuitive coaching, encouragement, and feedback to clients at home – improving compliance.


Caregiver Dashboard

Our secure online dashboard alerts caregivers to at-risk patients allowing your staff to intervene prior to costly readmissions.

How We Help Home Care Providers

Claris Continuum combines social patient engagement with remote monitoring to provide a complete and continuous care management experience for clients at home.
By allowing patients to better self-manage their chronic diseases at home with confidence, Claris Continuum delivers better patients at lower cost.
Claris Continuum is easily deployed to patients using our pre-configured care profiles which automatically guide patients through tasks for managing their chronic conditions (e.g. COPD, CHF, diabetes, etc) using Bluetooth connected monitoring.

Available Social and Care Features

Video Calling

Email and Text

Med Reminders


Vital Signs


Web Browsing



Check In

Wellness Surveys



Care Plans

Third-Party Apps

Call Me Requests

Simply a more cost-effective way to deliver care

Lower Costs

  • Reduce Readmissions
  • Reduce Staff Overhead
  • Reduce Risk

Better Patients

  • Increase Client Engagement
  • Increase Compliance
  • Increase Client Satisfaction

“I found the system very helpful and satisfying including my daily progress, pain, and communication with staff when any concern came up. Awesome machine, thanks and a great big thanks to the awesome understanding staff.”

Dave Godlonton, Patient

Your Competitive Advantage

Empowers Patients

Patients can manage their own care in their own home. Because they have all the information they need and can easily contact their caregivers, they have the confidence to succeed.

Improves Profitability

Better informed, more compliant, and more confident clients means reduced adverse events and less skilled care required while maintaining high patient satisfaction.

Delivers Personalized Care

Easy adjustment of in-home care programs means that each patient gets exactly the help they need.

Avoids Unnecessary Costs

Caregivers get an early warning when a patient is having trouble – meaning that they can intervene early and reduce the likelihood of an unwanted ER visit or readmission.

Standardizes Care

Quantitative data from many patients leads to data-driven improvement in standardized care.

Better Prepares Patients

Direct access to multimedia education, plus automated reminders ensure that patients are better prepared.

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